The only system of full automation of e-commerce in the world

  • Over300 million customers are waiting for your products
  • Average 27% increase in sales in your company
  • Only 20 seconds for one order
  • 50% increasein turnover in your warehouses
  • Analysis of1000 products per minute
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Automation of global sales

Sales automation enables you to generate higher sales and thereby generate more profit.

i-Webbiz introduces your company in the global market. They reach over 300 million customers.

You increase the goods turnover in your warehouses.
i-Webbiz sets the price that will be the most attractive for your clients.

Each transaction guarantees you the minimum expected profit that you have set.

Smart shopping

Thanks to the Fast Check function, you can check in real time which products enable a real sale.

You get complete information about products, sales, inventory or refunds.

At a glance you can see the most important data as well as recommended actions for more sales.

Logistic solutions

All you need to do is just click on “Execute the order” and pack a parcel for delivery.

i-Webbiz will change the status of the shipment and inform the customer. At the same time, he will generate orders for couriers and a bill of lading. Most importantly, it will also issue appropriate sales notes in the language of the product ordering.


ERP integration

The automatic availability of your inventory in real time to hundreds of millions of people around the world gives you the opportunity to simultaneously sell the same products on Amazon, your own online store and brick-and-mortar stores.

Amazon integration

Thanks to our full integration with the Amazon platform you get access to 300 million customers. It gives you an instant opportunity for completely automated sales in many markets without the need to engage additional financial resources and human resources. (including photos, descriptions in many languages, sizes, weight, price indices).

Courier integration

Thanks to full integration with the largest courier companies, i-webbiz guarantees 100%-automation of logistic processes. After having received an order, just pack a parcel and click on “Courier”. All documents will be automatically generated: an order for a courier and bill of consignment.


Support in 5 languages on platforms

Our consultants, based on your guidelines, will completely take over e-mail communication with your Customers. The support is provided in five languages: English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Service Quality

We realize that sales platforms set very high requirements to their partners, regarding Customer service quality and time. Therefore, a perfect support service will be our common interest.

Customized partnership

  • Individual business consultations
  • Personal consultant instead of helpline
  • Recommendations of activities aimed at increasing sales
  • Meetings with Partners
  • System co-development


If you want to experience how i-Webbiz can contribute to increasing your businesses turnover- leave us a message and our consultants will contact you within 24 hours. We will discuss your developments possibilities and we will analyze the potential sales of your products on Amazon.

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